The differentiator.
The combiner, collaboration.
The exceptional. Exuberance.

X marks the spot.

Lauding new generation ingenuity and African excellence.

Afro X Digital  aims to be a hub fostering connections among high achieving creatives and other young individuals of African origins and their doings. Shining spotlights on their achievements in applause encouraging peers and youngers to believe in the validity of their own dreams, reach for the stars and be the greatest possible.

Africans historically have had the shorter end of the stick, economic and otherwise in the global scheme of things, the narrative is hardly ever told to our merit. The new generation is daringly changing that and we’re glad to play accomplice in this rising tide.

We will be hosting awards on this platform to honor and give special recognitions to innovators and exceptional achievers in the creative industry. We will also be pooling in contributions from brilliant esteemed personalities from our scene, as panelists and to deliver quality content.

- Ugo Mordi (founder. lead creative)