ART - Meet Chigozie Obi

ART - Meet Chigozie Obi

We came across the amazing works of a young visual artist and thought it noteworthy to share.

Chigozie Obi, 24, is a Lagos, Nigeria based mixed-media artist and refers to her art as "a catalogue and channel for thoughts, ideas and feelings that are inspired by events in my life as well as those of the people around me."

In her statement she also says "My work is also an avenue for activism as I am passionate about various social issues especially those affecting women... My intentional inclusion of black people and black stories has expanded into a representation of the diversity of black people themselves in ways of appearance, beliefs and general ways of life..."

Chigozie shares her work with the world via her social media and at various art exhibitions one of which commences October 2, 2021 and another at the biggest art fair in Africa, Art X Lagos in November for which she has also just won the Art X prize which comes with a grant and a 3-month residency in London.

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