Amazon Prime Video Launches In Africa WIth Exclusive Deal With Inkblot

Amazon Prime Video Launches In Africa WIth Exclusive Deal With Inkblot

Amazon Prime Video has closed a multi-year agreement with Inkblot Studios, a leading production company out of Africa that has produced some of Nigeria's biggest box office hits.

The pact is the first licensing deal the streamer has struck with an African production company. It will see Amazon take exclusive, worldwide rights for Inkblot's slate of releases, post their theatrical runs.

Pics already confirmed include Inkblot's The Set Up 2, Moms at War 2, and New Money 3 as well as new titles such as Charge and Bail, Superstar and The Blood Covenant.

Founded by Chinaza Onuzo, Zulumoke Oyibo and Damola Ademola in 2011, Inkblot has become one of the buzziest producers in Nigeria - where the bustling local industry is known as Nollywood. Inkblot has released 16 films theatrically to date, including the highly successful The Wedding Party and The Wedding Party 2, which are the country's second and third highest-grossing films respectively.

"We know Prime Video customers around the world love movies and this new deal with Inkblot Studios will deliver some of the best Nigerian and African films available for our customers," said Ayanna Lonian, Prime Video's Director of Content Acquisition and Head of Worldwide Major Studio Licensing Strategy. "Nigerian stories are truly some of the most exciting and thrilling in the world. The Inkblot deal will allow us to deliver great Nigerian movies, post their theatrical release in Nigeria, to our global audience, and will continue to build upon Prime Video's catalog and goal to delight Prime members."

Excerpted from Deadline